The versatility of Swedish string bookshelf (string bokhylla) shelves

In case Scandinavians have Something, it is their precious craftsmanship. This style of design has become the fad within pragmatic and minimalist décor in late years. The ease and beauty of this furniture attract the eye of a lot of people. Anyone who’s quick on space and wants to organize their factors economically should think about such a household furniture.

A good Instance of that is The string shelf (stringhylla) therefore versatile which you could put in it everywhere inside your home without breaking up the ribbon’s stability. It may be a bathroom shelf being a gorgeous library from this analysis. If you decide to put it in the kitchenit fits very well to place all of the condiment jars along with other things.

Develop your library Using the string bookshelf (string bokhylla)model
If You’re one of People who requires a specific place for their large selection of novels, this version is terrific for you personally. It’s simple however beautiful, therefore easy to do the installation will not require a couple of minutes. Anyway, you’re able to expand it to infinity by buying shelves. Its integration design gives you the ability to put in multiple string bookshelf (string bokhylla)shelves because you’d like, plus they will consistently appear to be one part of household furniture.

Made with resistant Materials and taken care of in a way that highlights its beauty, the bokhylla model is fantastic for offices, residence designers, and many different environments. It is the ideal planner for small distances also contains enough resistance to resist heavy novels.

You’re Able to set up them At the form of a string shelves (stringhyllor)

In the Event You’ve simply moved In and possess few things, you might just require a single shelf. Its measurements are sufficient to save roughly fifteen books. Its elevation is fifty centimeters, and every one of those panels is sixty centimeters extended. Large enough to hold novels and other items and compact enough to install on your toilet.

But if you Want to Expand its dimensions, you should only purchase that the Väggavel or wall bearings, that are additional bits that’ll enable one to install all the extra panels you want. You might even buy yet another bokhylla shelf and then put in it alongside into the preceding 1. Their version is also really versatile they are going to look just like an individual piece.

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